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About the Jewish Marriage Council

Last updated: 2003-08-24

Jewish Marriage Council

The Jewish Marriage Council is committed to the promotion of Jewish marriage and family life within a Jewish environment. We provide advice, support, counselling and workshops to all members of the Jewish community.

Our aim is to ensure that the family network survives and thrives in an age where separation, divorce and intermarriage pose serious problems. We strive to address these in a positive way. For those Jews committed to the healthy future of our community, it is worth remembering that in Judaism, home and family traditions are the bedrock of our faith.

Where would our community be without them?

Jewish Marriage Council mission statement

  • Provide a confidential counselling service for any personal, family and marital problem
  • Respond to the need for crisis help through a telephone helpline
  • Prepare young people, engaged couples and newly weds for a fulfilling marriage relationship
  • Raise public awareness of the values and benefits of Jewish marriage and family life
  • Actively encourage individuals to find partners
  • Provide appropriate services to support individuals at the end of relationships and beyond
  • Give advice and when difficulties occur negotiate between individuals on a religious divorce (Get)
  • Provide our services to professional standards - all Members subscribe to a Code of Conduct & Practice


  • We believe in the importance of Jewish marriage and family life as fundamental to the future of the Jewish community
  • We reflect in all the work of the Council the Jewish values of "arevoot" - communal responsibility and "chesed" - care, support and concern for others
  • We are a voluntary organisation available to all members of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom
  • We accept the religious authority of the Chief Rabbi

Contact Us:

23 Ravenshurst Avenue
London, NW4 4EE

tel: 020 8203 6311
fax: 020 8203 8727