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David is a Dovid

by: Rachel Cohen - Last updated: 2007-06-04

David Gest

David Gest

He's known for his flamboyant lifestyle and dress sense. He is also known for wearing two diamond-encrusted crosses. But behind the facade, David Gest is actually a nice Jewish boy from California.

The 54-year-old former husband of Liza Minnelli has 'come out' to clarify his Jewish roots once and for all.

Writing in his autobiography, Simply The Gest, in which he reveals details of his sex, drugs and rock n'roll life, he casually mentions in the first chapter that he is Jewish, though has an appreciation for Christianity.

According to a publishing insider, Gest is likely to write a further book in which he goes into greater detail about his upbringing. "The book leaves a lot of questions still unanswered," the insider said. "

"He teases the reader constantly, but doesn't go into great detail about a number of major aspects of his life, including what happened at his Barmitzvah, and his quest for spiritual enlightenment. These will no doubt be explored in another book."

Simply The Gest, which is reputed to have made him a cool £500,000,  is peppered with showbiz anecdotes as well as Gest's famous tall stories about his Oriental upbringing.

Gest also reveals that he once went on a double date with American Idol judge and fellow Jew Paula Abdul.