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Dayenu! takes on Enough!

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2007-06-11



A group of Jews and Christians have held a counter demonstration to combat a pro-Palestinian march on London to mark the 1967 Six Day War.

The Dayenu! group turned up at the Enough! demo on Saturday which was held at Trafalgar Square and saw the group engaging in discussion with Enough! supporters.

"Our name Dayenu is in response to Enough!  We also say Enough - enough lies, enough Kassams, enough anti-Zionism, enough anti-Semitism, enough boycotts, enough blinkered attacks on Israel regardless of what is happening elsewhere in the world," said organiser Jonathan Hoffman from Totteridge, north London.

According to organisers, the Enough! march attracted 20,000 people but others put it at no more than 5,000 while the Dayenu! counter demonstration saw several dozen people turn up.