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Budget flights to Israel

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-06-20

Thomsonfly to Israel

Thomsonfly to Israel

The first low-cost no-frills airline to fly to Israel from Manchester and Luton is due to take off from November.

Thomsonfly, owned by German travel giant TUI will offer direct flights to Tel Aviv starting from £79.99 one way and £139.98 return on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The low-cost operator will also offer food as an option. Kosher flyers can pre-order a meal on board for £15 which must be booked eight days in advance, while non-kosher veggie and vegan options are £6 and need to be booked three days in advance.

Check-in allowance is also an additional cost. For £10 passengers will be entitled to 20kg and 5kg hand luggage.

The airline is aiming its no-frills service at both leisure and business travellers looking for a cheaper option than rival services from El Al and British Airways.

"Our decision to launch into Tel Aviv will satisfy the huge demand for direct flights to this exciting Israeli city," said Thomsonfly commercial director Guy Stephenson. "Tel Aviv has a growing reputation as a stylish and lively choice for city breaks, but also as an important destination for cultural exchanges between schools and religious groups, religious and history-based leisure breaks, visiting friends and relatives and as a place for doing business.”

The Israeli government is delighted that Thomsonfly has decided to add Tel Aviv to its choice of destinations which it hopes will boost tourist numbers.

"We have seen a three per cent increase in UK visitors in the first quarter of this year over last year and we are delighted that Thomsonfly’s arrival into Tel Aviv will help cater for this demand," said Uzi Gafni, director of the Israel Tourist Board.