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Understanding the Holocaust

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-06-27

Josef Perl talking to students

Josef Perl talking to students

A Holocaust survivor has taken part in a three day education programme to help educate young people about the consequences of bigotry and lack of tolerance for other people.

Josef Perl, who was born in Czechoslovakia and survived several camps including Auschwitz, gave a testimony to the Year 9 students of Little Ilford School in Newham, east London.

The sessions over the three days were themed around diversity, identity and equality and were part of a programme created by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

"Learning about the Holocaust can be an overwhelming experience due to the sheer magnitude of the events and numbers involved," said Holocaust Educational Trust chief executive Karen Pollock. "However by focusing on issues that directly affect young people, we provide the opportunity for students to not only learn from, but act on, the lessons that the Holocaust teaches us all - to fight racism and discrimination today."

Little Ilford School's headteacher Yvonne Powell commented that the programme provided essential knowledge to help young people understand the importance of learning from events in the past and that having Josef Perl there was a "powerful reminder of the horrors so many experienced."

She added: "I am delighted that the Holocaust Educational Trust is working with our students to raise their awareness of the atrocities that were inflicted during the war years. It is essential that young people learn from the errors of the past so that they can build a brighter future."