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US Praises Over 150 Volunteers

Last updated: 2003-05-21

The United Synagogue Volunteers Department held the third annual award celebration for volunteers on Sunday at the Kinloss Suite in the presence of the Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks, John Battle MP, Nicky Gavron and Peter Sheldon.

Over 300 people attended the event with over 150 nominees receiving certificates.

The Chief Rabbi described the volunteers as being 'terumah' elevated by their volunteering. The youngest award winner, Naomi Douek from Woodside Park echoed this when she said how much she had gained from being a volunteer. She had come to volunteering by first being a participant in her synagogue's youth programmes and it seemed only natural to take on the leadership role when her time came.

John Battle MP was impressed at the enormous variety of work undertaken by US volunteers and described the Jewish community as "a shining example of community cohesion". Excited by what he had seen at the Awards presentation, he added he was "determined" to show Tony Blair the Citation Booklet which illustrates the diversity of the volunteers and their work.

Nicky Gravon, Deputy Mayor of London and Labour candidate for Mayor in next year's elections, said:

"The time and energy given to our community by these outstanding individuals has been given unselfishly and with no thought of reward other than the performance of the mitzvot themselves. Democracy is not just about voting, it is a lived experience, because democratic practice is found in the social relations of communities and that's why I salute this community."

Sue Soloway, Volunteers Co-ordinator said that the event itself testified to the goodwill of the many volunteers who had helped and were there on the day. She particularly praised Bob Caplin, Chairman of her Volunteers Project Management Committee for his imput and guidance.

Additional Information: 
There were over 150 nominations and 8 overall winners.
The following nominees won in their category:

  • Naomi Douek - 'Young People Individual Award'
  • Borehamwood Youth Board - 'Young People Group Award'
  • Edna Schneider - 'Adult Individual Award'
  • Carole Hard - 'Adult Individual Award'
  • Woodside Park Young Families - 'Adult Group Award'
  • Gunter Tuch - 'Long Service Award'
  • Tracy Karet - 'New Volunteer Award'
  • Arnold Wagner - 'Communal Award'