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Children get help

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-07-09

Helping hands

Helping hands

Jewish children's charity JCD, which supports young people in the UK and across the world has announced details of its latest tranche of projects being given help. More than £130,000 goes to services in Leeds, Manchester, London, Israel and Slovakia.

Among those getting support is Leeds Jewish Care Services which receives £60,000 over a three-year period for providing respite care at home for families with disabled children while in Manchester, JCD is providing further funding for a similar home-based respite service.

Children from the Komarno Jewish community in Slovakia are being given £1000 while in Israel support is being given to a new computer centre in Sderot operated by Meir Panim soup kitchen.

The Get Set Girls School in Stamford Hill, north London have been given £3000 to pay for new computer equipment.

"I am particularly pleased that we have, for the first time, made a long-term commitment to a respite care scheme in Leeds, while at the same time continuing our funding for the Manchester Jewish Federation without in any way affecting other projects here in the UK," said JCD executive director Daniel Burger.