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386 Gravestones Damages at Plashet Jewish Cemetery

Last updated: 2003-05-09

Around 386 gravestones were damaged at Plashet Cemetery in West Ham, London on 6 May 2003. Plashet Cemetery is a Jewish cemetery under the jurisdiction of the United Synagogue.

Peter Sheldon, President of the United Synagogue, said:

"I am appalled, as all decent people will be, at the massive destruction of so many tombstones at our cemetery at Plashet. Those who have been responsible for this wanton attack have shown callous disregard for the sanctity of the last resting places of those who are buried there and for the feelings of their families. I am particularly grateful to the police for the attention that they are giving to this despicable crime and their determination to apprehend those responsible.

The Burial Department of the United Synagogue will commence work immediately to establish the names of those in memory of whom the tombstones were erected so that concerned families will be able to establish the position. In addition, together with the Community Security Trust, we will do everything possible to restrict the ability of criminals to commit such offences in our cemeteries in the future and to enable the considerable damage to be repaired as speedily as practicable."