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The Kinloss Suite

Last updated: 2003-03-26

The United Synagogue (US) is involved in complex negotiations regarding the Kinloss Suite.

These discussions have included lawyers representing the US, the synagogue, potential new licensees and the previous licensee. Throughout these negotiations the primary aim of the US has been to install a suitable new licensee at the earliest possible opportunity. We have also sought to provide suitable interim arrangements for families with bookings at the suite.

We have informed all parties to these discussions that unless arrangements have been finalised by the end of this week (28th March 2003), the United Synagogue will open the suite for the use of any London Beth Din licensed caterer for any function to be held before the 1st September 2003.

Throughout this process, the Kashrut Department of the London Beth Din has made and will continue to make, every possible effort to keep families with functions booked at the suite fully informed.

Any further queries and concerns should be referred to Mr Ilan Grossman at US head office on 020 8343 6250.