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Sparking Jewish life

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-07-26


Helping hands

A Jewish Muslim radio station in Bristol, supporting cultural projects for Jews in north Wales and education in Exeter are three of 12 projects which will be sharing in nearly £100,000 of funding from the Clore Duffield Foundation.

Under its Sparks: The Clore Jewish Development Fund which was launched earlier this year, £96,262 has been allocated to help Jewish communities outside of London.

Over 50 projects applied for support to the Fund which has an annual budget allocation of £100,000.

"The Clore Duffield Foundation was delighted by the standard of applications we received and in particular our Panel were impressed by the originality and confidence with which smaller communities approached this challenge for funding," said Foundation assistant director Rachel Ingram. "The successful projects reflect the creative approach many communities are taking to enrich local Jewish life."

In Bristol, £10,000 will be going to Jewish Muslim radio station Salaam Shalom to support a volunteer training project, the University of Wales in Bangor will get £10,000 for Jewish cultural events in north Wales and the small Jewish community of Exeter in south west England gets £1,620 to help with an adult education project at Exeter Hebrew Congregation.

Other projects getting funding include: £18,200 to Limmud for regional Limmud days, £1,000 to Manchester Representative Council for supporting new leadership and £9,500 to AWITT in Gateshead to help train Orthodox Jewish women in technology and communication.

Ingram says successful projects showed a clear vision and focus.

"They were all chosen for their originality and innovative approach to a challenge. Others who were not successful this time also had creative ideas but were less clear on how to deliver their projects," she said. "Many of the applications we saw covered outreach, education, social welfare and culture all key access points for Jewish communities."

While some projects were not successful for gaining funding this time, Ingram said they can re-apply in January 2008 which is also when others can also apply.

Those who have gained funding in the Foundation's first allocation will be keenly observed to see how they further develop. "We evaluate and monitor all our projects carefully and will be very interested to see which projects expand beyond this initial investment," Ingram added.

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