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Jewish TV plans

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-09-02

Vladimir Sloutsker

Vladimir Sloutsker

A Jewish Russian millionaire banker turned politician is behind plans to launch a global English language Jewish TV station that aims to start broadcasting during 2008.

Vladimir Sloutsker, 51, who is also a former president of the Russian Jewish Congress and vice president of the European Jewish Congress says now is the time for a Jewish TV station for Jews across the world.

The station, which has yet to reveal details of its name, who else is involved or how much it will cost to set up is the result of Sloutkser's interest to redress the way in which Jewish issues are presented in the media.

With a focus on covering global Jewish issues including those affecting Israel, Sloutsker says it will reflect a wide range of Jewish interests and will not be tied to any one viewpoint.

"We want to organise an independent and objective news channel," he says. "The Jewish nation has a right to present to the world audience its vision and its outlook on global development".

He added: "Because it is a Jewish channel we will be more interested in Jewish problems all around the world. But the Israeli-Arab conflict is just a part of those problems.  Xenophobia, anti-Semitism, denunciation of the Holocaust is all very serious challenges to Jewish communities."