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New rabbi for Alei Tzion

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-09-04

Rabbi Binyamin Tabory

Rabbi Binyamin Tabory

A minyan and community at the London School of Jewish Studies has appointed US-born Rabbi Binyamin Tabory to be its new rabbi.

The 64-year-old is the father of Alei Tzion founder Rabbi Aviad Tabory and comes following a long career in teaching which includes senior positions in Los Angeles, Jerusalem and Toronto.

Adding to the position, Rabbi Tabory will also be Rosh Kollel of the new Torah MiTzion kollel at Immanuel College in Hertfordshire.

"Rabbi Tabory is a very well-respected Rabbi with an outstanding reputation in educating at the highest levels," said outgoing United Synagogue chief executive Rabbi Saul Zneimer."We look forward to this fledgling community joining the United Synagogue family in due course."

Chairman of Alei Tzion, David Tapnack said the organisation is "delighted" to have Rabbi Tabory involved with its plans. 

"He will help us to grow our Kehilla into a friendly, passionate community, proud of our connection and commitment to Israel, and with a genuine commitment to learning," said Tapnack.

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks is enthused about Rabbi Tabory arriving in the UK. "My advice to everyone is, go and hear him if you can. Rarely do we have such scholars in our midst."

Rabbi Tabory says he is pleased to undertake a number of roles that will see him "further my contribution to the London Jewish community."

He added: "I am looking forward to the challenge of working with such a vibrant community as Alei Tzion and helping to enhance the community’s spiritual development. I am also pleased to be teaching at LSJS and the Torah MiTzion Kollel at Immanuel College."

The appointment of Rabbi Tabory comes as Alei Tzion applies to be a constituent member community of the United Synagogue.