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Blanc Du Castel review

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-09-07

White wine

White wine

Independent Israeli wine maker Domaine Du Castel has been causing a bit of a stir over recent years, and having sampled its 2005 Blanc Du Castel, it's easy to see why.

At £20 a bottle, it's not cheap. But drinking on its own or preferably with a fish meal, you will soon discover why Domaine Du Castel has received all its glory. Blanc, as the name suggests, is a gracious white wine, subtle but alluring. It is smooth and you can truly taste the grapes.

Many wine critics will comment on various flavours in a glass of wine, here is one wine where you can feel the grapes being freshly squeezed. It is as if this wine was created for you. This is not mass market wine, and you feel Domaine Du Castel has put a lot of effort into perfecting what is a perfect white wine.

Being kosher as well, Domaine Du Castel proves worthy of a kosher certification. This would be a great wine regardless of kosher status, but being kosher, there is no excuse not to consider this wine for any event, whether a family simcha or just something to go with your dinner.

Domaine Du Castel may not be a well-known name in the UK, and indeed not known to many kosher conoisseurs, but seek it out and you will be rewarded. This is one wine that truly holds its own.It is sensual without being overbearing, and it is a magnificent wine.

One sip and you can feel the passion that has been put into the making of it. Two sips and you may not ever want another kosher white wine. This is nothing short of fabulous.

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