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Attack on Jewish school

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-09-07

Ukraine anti-Semitism

Ukraine anti-Semitism

A Jewish schoool in the Ukraine which is supported by British Jews has been the target of an anti-semitic attack.

As students and staff of the ORT Aleph Jewish High School in Zaparozhye returned to class, they discovered a series of racist daubings sprayed on walls saying "Death to Jews" and "Jews, get out".

"I am appalled at this attack on the ORT Aleph school and the indignities that the children had to suffer," said Ivor Levene OBE, executive director of British ORT. "British ORT is proud to continue to support the Science and Technology Centre which we first helped to establish. I am extremely proud to hear of the high standards our students are achieving despite the prevailing atmosphere. I hope that the authorities will do more to prevent such acts in the future."

World Jewish Relief (WJR) which has supported the Jewish community in Zaparozhye said it was "appalled" at what happened.

"The Jewish Community Centre in Zaparozhye, established by World Jewish Relief in 2004, has done much to support the emergence and revival of what was, until recently, a hidden and forgotten Jewish community," said World Jewish Relief chairman Nigel layton. "WJR is however aware that there remains a very small but nevertheless worrying minority of racially intolerant and anti-Semitic elements within Zaparozhye and we need to treat these issues with the seriousness they deserve."