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New educational role

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-09-20

Emma Levy

Emma Levy

A project being undertaken by the Jewish Leadership Council to help understand better the issues facing Jewish schools has appointed a research and communications officer to help with its work.

Emma Levy, 25, who was previously a consultant in local government, will manage the research process that will see JLC help formulate a strategy for Jewish schools.

"We are pleased to have continued our trend of recruiting a strong team to manage this important consultation process," said
Professor Leslie Wagner, chairman of the JLC Commission on Jewish Schools. "One of our key responsibilities is to help schools to better understand the future and I am positive that we will continue to confront the challenges facing our Jewish schools.”

As well as working on JLC's Commission on Jewish Schools, Levy will also help the Board of Deputies as a education management consultant working with small Jewish communities across the UK.