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Homicide Series Three

by: Marcus J Freed - Last updated: 2007-09-21

Homicide Series Three

Homicide Series Three

Homicide: Life On the Street is powerful drama where the crimes are rarely seen and the cops face trouble. Marcus J Freed switches on the TV and gets hooked.

American television is full of Jewish characters. Ross and Monica in Friends, Seinfeld in, well, Seinfeld, Grace in Will and Grace. Although it might not be a point of pride that there aren’t many obviously identifying Semitic characters in one of the USA’s most popular crime dramas, it’s not entirely surprising.

We do, however, benefit from an enjoyable cameo from veteran Jewish performer Lily Tomlin. Tomlin recently received an award for lifetime achievement and was everyone’s favourite secretary as she played P.A. to President Bartlett in The West Wing. She doesn’t appear until halfway through the series of Homicide’s third season, but it’s worth the wait.

Homicide: Life On the Street breaks the mould from normal cop shows in that it doesn’t feature the expected car chases or gunfights but focuses on the close-up nitty gritty of crime solving. Filmed entirely on location with handheld cameras, this award-winning programme takes you into the world of the detectives where working lives are blighted by office politics, professional jealousy and frustrating cases.

This is crime drama for the reality tv generation, as the production’s relaxed style draws you in as you closely follow the homicide investigators on the streets of Baltimore. Homicide was originally broadcast on ITV4 so if you missed it first time around, now’s your chance to catch up. You won’t regret it.

Homicide: Life On the Street – The Complete Third Series