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by: Marcus J Freed - Last updated: 2007-09-21



Marcus J Freed prepares his spy utility belt and gets ready for the fifth thrilling instalment of Spooks where Mossad agents make an appearance.

There was a poignant scene in the film Munich when the Mossad spy had a meeting with Prime Minister Golda Meir, who basically looked like a friendly grandmother. The encounter was friendly but had a deadly edge. A later meeting of the mossad spies was notable for the huge amounts of food. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Spooks, it has all the thrill of the spy life but is set in London and missing the Kiddush.

Insightful, politically astute and highly engaging, Spooks challenges the norms of drama and asks questions about British society. It has been an incredibly successful programme winning BAFTAs and other awards, and the team is back to discover that London is falling apart.

Not to be missed is the Spooks episode where Mossad agents pose as Al Qa'eda terrorists, seize a Saudi Arabian building in London, and kill several hostages. It is a politically justified attack but the episode ruffled feathers when it was originally aired and the BBC was criticised for crossing the line. This kind of action has never taken place in real life, is uncharacteristic of Mossad and was bad PR at a sensitive time for Israel. Uncomfortable though it may be, it makes interesting viewing.

In the rest of the series, terrorists continue to threaten Britain, with an environmental group ‘Divine Earth’ who storm the Thames Barrier and threaten to flood London if the government doesn’t publish a secret document that supposedly outlines plans to scrap pollution cuts and focus instead on securing valuable resources for US and UK consumption. Although the series doesn’t have the production values of 24, it is a homegrown series that makes great viewing.

The five disc DVD set features interviews, commentaries and additional materials that are a boost for all Spooks fans and enjoyable whether you are new to the programme or have been watching from the first series.

Spooks 5, £39.99.