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Joseph Campbell: Mythos I

by: Marcus J Freed - Last updated: 2007-09-21

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell inspired a generation of filmmakers and storytellers, reaching to the heart of the human story. Marcus J Freed discovers why.

Joseph Campbell’s most famous book is The Hero With a Thousand Faces, a powerful tome that analyses the idea of what a hero is. George Lucas credits it as his inspiration and aide for writing Star Wars, speaking of the “wonderful life force” in Campbell’s writing.

The newly-released DVD Mythos I features a series of lectures by the late mythologist, providing a rare opportunity to see Campbell in action. Before he passed away in 1987, he went on a lecture tour where he discussed the “great story” of humanity. These DVDs take the viewer on a journey around the ancient world to discover Campbell’s very modern messages.

One highlight is Campbell’s lecture about the roots of the Jewish tradition where he looks at the historical figure of Moses, his relation to the Egyptian court and how the myth can be understood in a wider context.

Hosted by Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon, Mythos I shows the vivacious Campbell as he investigates the universal themes that mark the human condition. Whether discussing ancient Semites, Syrians or Mesopotamians, these minimally edited programmes show how ancient myths are essential for understanding the journey of life.

Mythos I is out now £19.99.
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