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EU slams Belarus leader

by: JTA - Last updated: 2007-10-24



The European Union's parliament has urged the president of Belarus to apologise for slurring Jews and Israel by saying they have turned a city in his country into a "pig sty".

Rene van der Linden, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said the remarks by Alexander Lukashenko "verge on the absurd, but they are no less unacceptable for it."

He pushed the Belarusian leader to apologise for "his disgraceful words."

In an October 12 broadcast, Lukashenko said of Bobruisk, a Belarusian port city: "This is a Jewish city, and the Jews are not concerned for the place they live in. They have turned Bobruisk into a pig sty. Look at Israel - I was there." The United States and Israel have also condemned Lukashenko.

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