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Jcom back on air

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-10-30



A "technical problem" that prevented a new Jewish community radio station from broadcasting in north west London has been fixed. Much of Jcom's programming for its first two days on air failed to be broadcast but station managers say everything is now up and running.

"Jcom Radio went back on the air at 7pm on Monday," Jcom director Mike Peters told SomethingJewish. "Unfortunately, due to an electrical problem, the station had to be taken off air for safety reasons."

Jcom, which was formed by former presenters and volunteers of rival Shalom Radio, operates under a restricted service licence that allows it to broadcast for up to 28 days after which it says it will apply for a full five year licence.

A number of eager listeners got in touch with SomethingJewish to find out what was happening to the station when they tried to tune in to the 101.4fm frequency.

"I was really looking forward to listening to the station," one worried listener told SomethingJewish. "But every time I tried to tune in or listen online, there was nothing to hear."

“We would like to apologise to our many listeners through the pages of SomethingJewish for this slight hiccup in transmission," Peters added. "We have a whole range of programming to appeal to all ages, and hope that now, our broadcasting will be continuous. The next four weeks will be an exciting time and we hope you will enjoy what we have lined up for you."

Jcom is scheduled to continue broadcasting until November 24.

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