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MC Rebbe up for award

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2007-11-04

MC Rebbe

MC Rebbe

Jewish entertainer, MC Rebbe has been named as a finalist in the world’s largest blog competition, the 2007 Weblog Awards.

Known as “The Rapping Rabbi” and once described as “A cross between Jackie Mason, Mel Brooks and Woody Allen, with a bit of Lenny Bruce’s sharp tongue thrown in”, MC Rebbe’s three-year-old blog was chosen from a shortlist of several thousand to be selected as one of the final 10 in the Best Culture Blog category.

Voters have until November 8 to choose their favourite blog and MC Rebbe is pleased he has been shortlisted.

“For just over three years I have been covering almost every aspect of popular and underground culture and much more besides, through my blog and more recently through my new web TV show, MCTV, so it’s very cool to be named as one of the ten best culture blogs in the world. Now vote for me or the baby gets it,” he says.

Those wanting to show their support for MC Rebbe, can vote for him here.

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