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Welcome to SomethingJewish from

by: Leslie Bunder, editor - Last updated: 2003-08-24

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In the beginning (1996) there was - the UK's first Jewish online resource. was good, it was well recieved by all those who used it and knew of it.

It won many accolades for its service, then... in 2003, decided it was time for a makeover. After much thought and consideration, has now become SomethingJewish. Bigger, better and brighter.

SomethingJewish - the inclusive Jewish web site for everyone.

SomethingJewish retains the principles behind, but also has many new features and services.

Looking for something Jewish? Find it at SomethingJewish

Way back in 1996 when started it was a site with just a few pages but with big plans.

Its objective then, as it is still now is to provide an independent guide to UK Jewish life and be a resource not just for the UK community but for anyone who wants to discover more about UK Jewish life.

We are about celebrating our Jewish culture and being proud of our people. We are about reflecting what is happening in UK Jewish life and sharing that.

Since 1996, we have shown that if you are passionate about your interests you can create a vibrant and successful online community.

Jewish people like all other diverse communities have a wealth of media they can consume and we quickly realised that in order to be successful you need to offer what people want - everything! 

SomethingJewish for everyone!

To some, SomethingJewish is like their extended family with hundreds of e-mails being received and replied to each month covering subjects from where to eat kosher in London and Manchester through to seeking help trying to locate a long lost relative.

For many, SomethingJewish is often their only link with the Jewish community and we are very proud to say that we work with all sections of the community.

Left of centre, right of centre, culturally Jewish or religiously Jewish, we hope there is something here for everyone and something which allows them to have a better understanding of their fellow Jew and why they follow a certain way of life. was founded by myself and my wife Caroline Westbrook. When we first created I was working full-time in the media.

Eventually in late 2002, I decided that in order to grow to its true potential I would need to leave the full-time employed world and spend all my time and energy in building up

In early 2003, Eamonn Ozerovich came on-board to help with development of the site and what you see today is the result of over six months, non-stop focused work.

We very much hope you like what you see with our new look and enhanced features and content.

As always, as a member of the extended SomethingJewish family if there is anything you want to see or know about or share with us, get in touch.


Leslie Bunder, editor