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Qi Gong

by: Marcus J Freed - Last updated: 2007-11-17

Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Millions of people have discovered the amazing benefits of Qi Gong, which involves simple standing exercises, breathing and slow repetitive flowing movements.

Jewish practitioner Matthew Cohen has released an impressive DVD that was filmed filmed amid a stunning backdrop of the California Alabama Hills.

It includes two unique and easy to follow practices with something for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced Qi Gong practitioners. The two 40-minute programmes cultivate calm, balanced energy and vitality, detoxify the body and promote a sense of inner peace.
Fire heats and strengthens the body, activates and expands the senses, relieves
depression, stimulates the immune system and detoxifies the body. Water cools the body and calms the nervous system, develops grace and greater range of motion, promotes deep relaxation and releases tension stress, anxiety and fear.
Matthew Cohen has dedicated his life to the study of martial arts, yoga and energetic
healing. Matthew’s teaching emphasises yoga as a healing system, blending his in-
depth and ongoing study of Hatha and Taoist yoga, martial arts, Qi Gong, healing,
and dance into a synthesis of physical and spiritual grace.

It’s time to find out what happens when you mix fire and water.

Qi Gong Fire and Water is available for £14.99 from