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by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-12-03

Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day

Representatives from The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) will be attending next year's Holocaust Memorial Day ending a six year boycott of the event but also says it seeks a national genocide memorial day in the calendar.

The group will now have official representation at the event taking place in Liverpool on January 27.

At a special meeting held over the weekend, the MCB's central working committee issued a resolution saying: "Whilst noting with satisfaction the results of a national survey that gave full support to MCB's non-participation in the Holocaust Memorial Day in the past, a significant number of respondents have indicated that the MCB should participate in the future for the sake of the common good."

The statement further added: "It is therefore resolved that the MCB will participate in the Holocaust Memorial Day. The MCB will, in partnership with others, continue to work towards a Genocide Memorial Event in respectful memory of the victims of all genocides."

Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust welcomed the move by the MCB.

"It is right that the Muslim Council of Britain have finally decided to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day. It is important to note that the day has always commemorated the Nazi genocide and genocides since the Holocaust.  This was particularly clear in 2001, the first year of HMD which was themed Remembering Genocides: Lessons for the Future and paid particular attention to Bosnia. Similarly, in 1994, the theme of HMD was From the Holocaust to Rwanda."

Pollock added: "In the past, various Muslim organisations and individuals have been involved in HMD and it is the right decision for the Muslim Council of Britain to join them."