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Tri-ing to support

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-12-07

Simon Bentley Kisharon Triathlon

Simon Bentley Kisharon Triathlon

More than £60,000 has been raised for a Jewish charity that helps children and adults with learning disabilities by British and Israeli participants in the Israeli Triathlon Championships.

The event which took place in Eilat saw 23 people supporting Kisharon by swimming for one mile, cycling for 25 miles and running for 6.5 miles.

The participants were aged between 17 and 67 and were led by Simon Bentley, chair of the Kisharon Triathlon committee.

"The dedication these volunteers have shown in supporting Kisharon is truly incredible," said Kisharon executive director David Goodman. "The course that our participants carried out tested their minds as well as their bodies and we are so proud of them for going the distance for Kisharon."