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JC death blunder

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2007-12-07

The JC

The JC

The Jewish Chronicle has apologised for a major blunder which saw more than 70 death notices appear under the category Congratulations and which has angered and shocked mourning families.

According to the newspaper, a "production error" was to blame but those who have placed the classifieds have yet to get a personal apology from the paper which saw their death announcements devalued.

Rival newspaper the Jewish News, says that one of those affected, Stephen Shogger whose father passed away has urged the Jewish Chronicle to show some respect.

"They said they were deeply sorry but it was a technical issue. I haven’t had a formal apology, all they were prepared to do was to put it in free of charge next week," he said. "They haven’t asked to speak to my mum, they should be apologising to everybody personally. It is very distressing, they have taken my money and I cannot get it back."

According to another reader, they will be writing to the Jewish Chronicle to request it amends the page so that the archive which appears on its website will not contain the error.

"This is not just a tragic error for the present generation, but what will future generations be thinking when they look up the paper in its archive? Will they think their parents and grandparents wanted the notices to appear under Congratulations?"

In a statement, The Jewish Chronicle said: "The JC apologises for the production error contained in last week’s Social and Personal Pages."