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Sexy Israeli festival

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2007-12-26


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is set to play host to the first ever sex festival in Israel.

According to Israeli website Ynetnews, Sextival will be a three day event taking place in February organised by former pageant model Nitzan Kirshenboim.

Kirshenboim, 32 and a mother of two, is said to have been inspired to stage the event after visiting a sex festival in Berlin.

"I'm actually a real nerd," Kirshenboim said. "I'm just the neighbour's daughter who decided to take the initiative and say, 'Guys, we all have sex, we all enjoy it. Why not get it out in the open?'"

According to reports, Playboy tycoon Hugh Heffner has agreed to allow lucky winners of a raffle visit his famous mansion as part of a raffle draw.

The event is set to be promoted among some of Israel's more racy media including the local Playboy channel and a local adult entertainment chain store and Kirschenboim is hoping that both local as well as international visitors will attend the event.

"The Sextival will showcase the wildest things your imagination can come up with," Kirshenboim added while also claiming all interests will be catered for. "You know, some people have a fetish for women with really-really big noses, and this will also be represented in the event. Even those into bondage will find very interesting stuff there."

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