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Patient praises Marsden

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-01-03

Royal Marsden

Royal Marsden

A Jewish man being treated for cancer has revealed what it was like on the day he was being treated at the Royal Marsden hospital when fire broke out and has praised medical staff for their professionalism.

Jason Boas, 33, attends the hospital once a week for his chemotherapy treatment and was in the middle of treatment when told that he had to evacuate the hospital.

"The alarm bell rang at around 1pm," he told the BBC. "The nurses were so calm and collected and there was no panic at all. They were very professional as they evacuated the patients."

Boas, who was diagnosed with cancer last October and has raised over £23,000 for the Royal Marsden, revealed what it was like to leave and the impact he can have on patients.

"I was standing outside with my mum and dad and was freezing," he said. "There was a pub right next to the hospital and one of the nurses said I should go in the pub because if you get a cold when you are on chemo, it knocks you for six."

According to Boas, he was given the option at the pub of either to keep in the cannula pumping the medicine or take it out.

"I said I would take it out and she did it right then and there in the pub," he added. "It's a very simple procedure but it was an example of their professionalism."

Boas also has a videoblog on YouTube in which he tells his story and updates friends and family with his treatment.

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