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Engaging communities

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-01-08

In an initiative to engage better communication and understanding between Jews and Muslims, the Board of Deputies is to recruit a Muslim schools advisor to foster better links between the different communities.

Under the Shared Futures project, Jewish and Muslim schools as well as other single faith schools will get help and support in engaging in dialogue and education about each other.

The scheme is being supported by both Government as well as local community groups.

"This is an exciting opportunity for faith schools. Shared Futures reflects the requirement for greater cooperation between different faith schools in promoting a more cohesive society," said Board of Deputies community issues director Alex Goldberg who is also a member of the Shared Values Project team. "It will allow our schools to comply with these requirements in ways that conform to the ethos of individual schools."

Goldberg added: "We aim to match schools in given localities and hope many of these projects to come out of Shared Futures will improve local neighbourhoods, enabling us, in the words of Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, to ‘build a home together’”.