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Kosher Burns Supper

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-01-29

Kosher haggis

Kosher haggis

A kosher haggis took pride of place at a special Burns Supper in Glasgow which attracted over 40 people.  Organised by L'Chaim's, Scotland's only kosher restaurant, the event was a full blown affair that give the local Jewish community a Supper to be proud of.

Based at Lubavitch Scotland, L'Chaim has been building up a steady following and coming up with innovative ideas and ways to attract both local residents as well as tourists.

A member of the Glasgow Jewish Lads Brigade, piped in the Haggis as it entered the restaurant.

"We gave toasts to the Haggis and toast to the Lassies," said L'Chaim's owner and director of Lubavitch Scotland Rabbi Chaim Jacobs. "It was a wonderful evening."

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