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Burial arrangements

by: Jane Elias - Last updated: 2008-03-01

United Synagogue

United Synagogue

A United Synagogue burial office in Ilford has been closed down following arrangements to centralise arrangements through its new main office at Bushey Cemetery.

According to the organisation, 90% of funerals are now arranged over the phone and as less people come into the office, it says it "cannot justify the costs of keeping an office open in Ilford".

"With the large majority of people now organising funerals over the phone, we cannot justify the costs of keeping an office open in Ilford when burial staff can answer the phone from one location which can be used for all of our members," said Melvyn Hartog, head of burial. "The majority of bereaved families appreciate this as it can be inconvenient to come down to a particular office."

United Synagogue Burial Society: Tel: 020 8950 7767