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Sing for Israel

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-04-09



Jewish communities across the world are being invited to take part in event to break the world record of "most people singing an anthem simultaneously" by singing the Hatikva on May 7, on the eve of Israel's 60th Independence Day.

In a bid to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, Israeli businesswoman and philanthropist Galia Albin is leading the Live Hatikva initiative.

"Hatikva is an anthem that unites the world's Jewry, and the mission of Live Hatikva is to bridge gaps of language and distance between Jewish people," she says. "My vision is to incorporate the Live Hatikva initiative into a worldwide annual tradition, growing each year, connecting one Jewish community to another. This is a Jewish solidarity act that will strengthen our sense of belonging."

According to the organisers, to be included in the Guinness application, the anthem must be sung the whole way through, with two witnesses present.  A declaration confirming the exact and final figure of total participants must be signed by the witnesses.

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