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Smart Passover eating

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-04-17



In a bid to get members of the Jewish community to eat more healthily during Passover, the Food Standards Agency has launched a special section on its consumer website on how to enjoy the festival without putting on the pounds.

The advice on offer ranges from informing people on the benefits of snacking on fruit instead of almond macaroons and cake, eating slowly, keep salt at bay by choosing products without too much additional salt and suggesting ditch chocolate mousse at the end of a seder in favour of a fruit salad.

According to a Food Standards Agency spokeswoman, the advice is about "how to have a healthy Passover and get through the festivities without gaining any weight".

Top 5 tips from Eat Well:

  • Watch out for hidden salt in foods especially in stock cubes, soup powder, pickles and salted meat and fish. It’s easy to eat too much salt without realising it because it’s often hidden in these foods.
  • We should all be trying to eat fewer foods containing added sugars, such as sweets, cakes and biscuits, and drinking fewer sugary soft and fizzy drinks. Having sugary foods and drinks too often can cause tooth decay, especially if you have them between meals.
  • Try to fill up on fruit and vegetables. Eat lots with every meal and as snacks. You could prepare a fruit salad as a delicious end to a seder meal – you’ll already have eaten well and you’ll need to save some space for the afikoman.
  • Try to think about the toppings on your matzo and the amount you’re eating. Get into the habit of serving your matzo with a salad, a bowl of soup or some crunchy raw chopped vegetables.
  • Eat slowly and try not to overeat at meals. If you feel full, then there’s really no need to have seconds, is there? Try to prepare a realistic amount of food so that everyone can enjoy a little more. You don’t need to cook enough for two meals for everyone!

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