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Some Wii help

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-04-22

Nightingale wii

Nightingale Wii

A Nintendo Wii games console has become the centre of attention for many residents at south London seniors day home Nightingale.

With an average age of 89, the Clapham care home has reported that games such as tennis, golf and bowling have not just proved to be a hit with the residents who compete with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but provides stimulation and increase self esteem.

"The Wii is a wonderful new addition to the range of activities we offer at Nightingale," said Nightingale chief executive Leon Smith. "We put a huge emphasis on stimulation for our residents and the Wii hits all the right spots – it promotes and encourages communication, friendship, fun, laughter, a sense of group belonging and team work all of which improve our residents well being."

According to Smith, the Wii has beneficial qualities regardless of a resident’s physical ability. "Improving the movement, mobility and stimulation of blood flow are also vitally important for many of our residents. Even those who are wheelchair bound can join in the fun."