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Kosher chicken fiasco

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2008-05-08

Michael Sophocles

Michael Sophocles

Self-styled "good Jewish boy" Michael Sophocles came unstuck in BBC 1's The Apprentice following his stunning revelation that he did not know what a kosher chicken was.

In Wednesday night's episode, Sir Alan Sugar tasked his would-be junior to find a number of items in Marrakech, one of which was to buy a kosher chicken, while Michael's rival team succeeded in getting a kosher chicken, his own team did not and to make matters worse, tried to pass off a halal chicken as a kosher chicken.

In the boardroom, Sir Alan lashed into Michael asking if he claimed to be a "good Jewish boy" why he did not know how to find a kosher chicken.

Michael defended himself by saying he was half Jewish.

"I was really shocked that someone who claims to be Jewish, did not know what a kosher chicken was," said a shopper outside kosher butcher Golders Green Deli in north west London. "Maybe he is saying he is Jewish to try and win over Sir Alan."

Another shopper felt Michael should have been sacked. "He totally failed in the task and there was even a moment when he was trying some unsavoury business techniques which sir Alan should have not allowed to get off lightly."

In the end, Michael narrowly avoided getting thrown out and despite Sir Alan's no nonsense approach, he seems to have a soft spot for Michael claiming that some of his own techniques reminded him of his younger life.