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The art of Winehouse

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-05-14

Amy Winehouse as art

Amy Winehouse as art

Troubled songstress Amy Winehouse is one of the themes being featured at the annual Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) exhibition.

Winehouse is represented in two works of art, one called Excess and another called Celebrity 1.

In Excess, Winehouse is shown in a statue crated by Guy Portelli which is said to be a comment on "contemporary living, youth culture and values".

Portelli, who says he is a "huge fan" of Winehouse commented: "I think she is a great talent. I would never make a sculpture of someone I didn’t respect."

The other piece of art, Celebrity 1 by Charlotte Sucking reflects the trend for celebrity culture.

The exhibition opens of May 15 and runs to May 25 at Mall Galleries in Central London.

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