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Kosher price reductions

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-06-03



Kosher consumers look set to benefit from a price reduction in the fees supervising organisation The London Board for Shechita charges for its services.

Effective immediately, the cost of supervising the production of lamb and beef has dropped by around 10% from 64p per kilo to 58p per kilo for lamb and from 53p per kilo to 48p per kilo for beef.

Other products including poultry are having their prices frozen.

"The reductions reflect growing production volumes and stronger cost controls by the Board," said the Board's executive director David Rose. "Given increasing food price inflation, it is hoped these reductions will benefit all Board licensees and will flow through to the London consumer."

Representing the interests of butchers, Jackie Lipowicz, Chairman of the Licensed Kosher Butchers Federation, said: "The Board has listened to our suggestions and has come up with a basket of fees which will help all the trade, from large manufacturer to small retailer absorb some of the huge cost increases which they’ve been experiencing in the market."