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New Pres for ORT

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-06-12

Dr Jean de Gunzburg

Dr Jean de Gunzburg

Jewish educational organisation World ORT has elected Dr Jean de Gunzburg, a French-born, London-based scientist and businessman as its new president.

De Gunzburg, who previously served as deputy president, takes over from Sir Maurice Hatter.

Since its founding in 1880, ORT has helped more than three million people, Jewish and non-Jewish, in 100 countries.

Among the tasks de Gunzburg has set himself is to raise the profile of World ORT and make it "the household name of Jewish education".

De Gunzburg added: "World ORT needs to raise more money but while our programmes are very good, the image of our programmes isn’t in line with what they are. We need to move the perception to where the reality is."