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FernandoÂ’s review

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-07-02

Fernando’s Chicken Grill Bar

Fernando’s Chicken Grill Bar

If you have always wanted to experience the Nando's chicken experience and wanted it kosher, you're only option was to fly over to South Africa and visit Nando's kosher branch in Johannesburg.

But now, two enterprising Israelis have taken inspiration from Nando's and opened up a grilled chicken restaurant on the site of a former pub in Hendon, north west London.

Fernando’s Chicken Grill Bar offers a Nando's style menu of grilled chicken in a variety of ways. Whole chicken, half chicken, quarter chicken, wings, chicken in pitta and chicken in a bun. There's a chicken dish for every person and can be gilled with a choice of flavoured bastings, from mild to very hot.

And for those seeking some meat, there's also some steak on the menu.

Fernando’s has been open for a few weeks and when I visited it one lunchtime was experiencing some teething problems with its electricity.

After 20 minutes, the shared starters arrived. For £6.95 you get a huge assortment of falafel, onion rings, cigarim and coleslaw.

Progressing onto the main course, was chicken in pitta complete with chips.  Again, like the starter, the chicken portion was large and so were the chips, almost enough for two people.

The main course, complete with unlimited soft drinks came in at £7.95. Not much more than the non-kosher Nando's.

Overall the food was good and great value for money.

The only downside while the decor was good and kept very clean, the male toilets on my visit were in a bit of a shambles and its appearance was not as clean as one expects with toilet paper on the floor. Having taken inspiration from Nando's it would have been good to also take inspiration from the general decor and ambience of a Nando's toilet.

More info:

Fernando’s Chicken Grill Bar
56 The Burroughs,
Tel: 020 8203 5313