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Dunner drug link?

by: JTA - Last updated: 2008-08-07

Benzion Dunner

Benzion Dunner

Cocaine may have played a role in the fatal accident of a wealthy orthodox philanthropist, a toxicologist said.

Benzion Dunner, 45, was killed in March when he lost control of his Bentley as he tried to pass another car at 80 miles per hour on his way to Bournemouth.

Dunner died instantly in the accident, which occurred just days after he had given away some £2 million to poor people on the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Toxicologist Dr Peter Sharp said he found traces of cocaine in Dunner's blood and urine and Dunner had ingested it in the days before his death.

Cocaine can lead the user to make bad decisions, Sharp said, and thus may have affected Dunner's driving.

The evidence suggests the driver of the Bentley oversteered but did not make an attempt to correct it or apply the brakes, Charlotte Wales of the Dorset Police told Times Online.

Dunner, a property mogul sometimes known as "God's Postman" for his philanthropic work, was driving with two of his nine children and a family friend, according to reports. The others survived with light injuries.

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