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Attack on Jewish centre

Last updated: 2008-08-12

Vilnius attack

Vilnius attack

Vandals struck the Jewish community centre in Vilnius. The perpetrators spray-painted the Lithuanian centre's walls and windows with a swastika and other anti-Semitic slongans.

A police investigation is under way. The centre's managing director, Simonas Gurevicius, in a statement said he was "deeply concerned over repeated incidents of anti-Semitism".

Gurevicius said the local and national governments were too passive in responding to earlier vandalism. “Also, the lack of ethnic and religious understanding teaching in the school system provides fertile ground for intolerance," the statement said.

Gurevicius said the attack “is most likely in response to recent scandalous articles in the press related to the Snipiskes cemetery research,” referring to construction on the site. The American Jewish Committee called on Lithuanian leaders to condemn the attack.

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