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Summer holiday

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2008-08-12

Kisharon summer holiday

Kisharon summer holiday

A number of young adults who attend special needs educational centre Kisharon have come back from a five day residential holiday in cottages in Oxfordshire and Norfolk.

To support the cost of the break money was raised including £2,900 from London marathon runner Andrew Zucker who ran in memory of the mother of one of Kisharon's staff members.

The five day break offered participants the chance to take part in a number of activities including swimming, barbecues and bowling.

“Our service users had a fantastic break experiencing new activities and places. We are particularly indebted to Kisharon tutor Aviva Braunold whose enormous efforts organising these retreats ensured that everyone’s individual medical, social and support needs were met and also to the volunteers who assisted throughout each holiday," said Rabbi Yitzchak Freeman, interim executive director.