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Flying high

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-09-04

Drugsline Skydive

Drugsline Skydive

Thirty people have taken to the clouds to raise money for the Jewish founded drugs charity Drugsline through a sponsored skydive which is to benefit the charity to the tune of £10,000.

The participants, who included a Drugsline telephone counselor, recovering addict and press officer, found themselves falling at speeds of 70 mph and is one of the first events to be undertaken by the newly formed Drugsline Events Team.

"Today was about more than fundraising – critical as it is – but was a way for us to set the standard for our future as a charity," said Christina Ball, Drugsline’s operations director. "We are very grateful to our Events team for facilitating the activities and to everyone who supported us. The jumpers were so brave and watching 30 of them drop out the sky was an unforgettable experience".

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