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Nesbitt raises WJR profile

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-09-24

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt

Cold Feet star James Nesbitt has helped World Jewish Relief's Manchester Committee raise £104,000 by being a guest a speaker for its second fundraising dinner.

Nesbitt, also known for his popular onscreen advertisements for Yell, spoke of his role as a UNICEF ambassador at the event which took place at Manchester's Airport Radisson Hotel.

The Northern Ireland born actor also revealed the similarities between his background as a Protestant Irish man and that of those within the Jewish community and the importance of family ties and commented on the work WJR does in eastern Europe.

"I’m acutely aware about the stigma of disabled children having seen them in Georgia. They have no one to care for them, love and hug them," he said. "I’m delighted to come here and to hear about your work going on in that country. It is only an accident of birth that condemns children to that kind of life."

Paul Stein, head of fundraising and communications at WJR said: "Our thanks go to James Nesbitt for giving his time to come and address us all and of course to the Manchester committee, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a success."