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Board call to end British funding of terrorism

Last updated: 2003-09-01

Jack Straw

Board has written to Jack Straw

The Board of Deputies has written to the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, calling on the Government to prevent terrorist organisations such as Hamas from raising funds in this country. The end use of such funds is the support of terrorist activities against Israel.

The Board also called for Hamas's political wing to be proscribed under UK terrorism laws. Currently only its military wing is proscribed, despite a recent comment by Mr. Straw that the two wings of the organisation were "extensively intertwined." The Foreign Secretary is expected to discuss the Government's attitude towards Hamas at a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the EU later this month. 

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented, "It is quite clear that funds raised by organisations such as Hamas are used to undermine the peace process and strengthen the infrastructure of terrorism in the Palestinian Territories. The Government must do everything in its power to ensure that no money can be raised in this country for the funding of such terrorist organisations.

"We are continually calling on the Government to ban Hamas' political wing. No distinction should be made between the political and military wings of Hamas: they are both part of a single terrorist organisation. It is unacceptable that Hamas' self-styled political wing should continue to operate freely in Great Britain. This must be recognised under British law."