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Back from Israel

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2008-10-15

Trainee rabbis

Trainee US rabbis back in the UK

In order to support its local communities with rabbinical support over the High Holy days, seven United Synagogue trainee rabbis were recalled from Israel for the busy festival season.

The seven interns assisted a number of communities including Barnet in north west London and Kingston in south west London with their various services on offer including youth provisions as well as offering synagogue members guidance to the services.

The special arrangement was organised by the United Synagogue's youth and young people's division, Tribe and its executive director Rabbi Andrew Shaw.

Marc Levene, originally from Borehamwood and studying to be a rabbi at Shappels (Darche Noam) Yeshiva in Jerusalem said it was a "phenomenal opportunity" to be back in the UK for the High Holy days and be part of the initiative.

"The feedback we have got from the communities regarding the interns has been really positive and it has also been a great opportunity for us to show them that there are excellent opportunities for them to work within the United Synagogue family in the future," Rabbi Shaw said.

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