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Welcome to Israel

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-10-24

Jewish students from the UK at a Tribe Welcome To Israel event

Jewish students from the UK at a Tribe Welcome To Israel event


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More than 150 Jewish students from the UK starting their gap year in Israel had a special Welcome To Israel barbecue organised in their honour in Jerusalem.

The special event hosted by the United Synagogue's youth and young people's Tribe division saw students from a number of different gap year schemes including BBYO, Bnei Akiva and FZY take part.

"The Tribe welcome event was a unique experience to eat, socialise and have fun with the majority of British students on their gap year in Israel," said Ollie Tenzer of FZY. "It was an event enjoyed by all and helped us to realise the important role that Tribe will play for us in the coming year."

Merrisa Gross from Tribe Israel added: "It was wonderful to see 150 students from all different programmes coming together in the Tribe Israel setting. It provided a great opportunity for the Tribe Israel team including Rabbi Gideon Sylvester to introduce Tribe Israel to the students and ensure they were aware of the extra support available to them throughout the year."

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