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Destination: Eilat

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2011-10-24

Red Sea Sports in Eilat

Red Sea Sports in Eilat

With fantastic beaches, a busy nightlife and great weather throughout the year, Eilat has plenty to offer. Here are some quick tips on some of the essential places and things to do in Eilat.

Red Sea Sports
Eilat is a paradise for all things on the water, due to the fantastic Red Sea. Whether you are into underwater recreations including scuba diving and snorkelling or above the water pursuits including windsurfing, there's something here for all level of experience.

Dolphin Reef
This private beach offers an opportunity to get up close and personal to dolphins. Whether you want to swim with them, or just enjoy the other delights of the reef, there's plenty to do.

The Marina
Hundreds of boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to take a private cruise, the Marina offers plenty of choice.

The King's City
An amazing biblical theme theme park featuring Pharaohs in ancient Egypt as well as much on King Solomon. Features an electic mix of rides along with learning history.

Parasailing at the Red Sea
Combine the best aspects of being on the sea with flying sky.

Underwater Observatory
A popular attraction that allows you to observe Red Sea marine life without the need to get wet. Get up and close with to all manner of marine life including turtles, sharks and rare fish.

Timna Park
Located north of Eilat, the park offers a glimpse into the past with an opportunity to explore King Solomon's Mines as well as providing a fantastic way to discover nature and history in Eilat through archeological finds and rock drawings.

Popular cinema showing fi lms in 3D within a pyramid shaped building. The design of the pyramid allows all seats to offer a perfect view of any film.

Trip to the Negev Desert
Take a two day or more tour of the Negev by 4x4 or even by camel and get close to nature and its animals.

Mall Hayam
Large shopping centre offering retail therepy for those seeking something to do when not relaxing by the beach.