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Destination: Haifa

by: Rachel Cohen - Last updated: 2011-10-25

Bahai Shrine and Gardens in Haifa

Bahai Shrine and Gardens in Haifa

Israel's third largest city, Haifa offers a mix of old and new combined with some breathtaking sites and historic places to visit, it is a melting pot of people and cultures.

Bahai Shrine and Gardens
The area serves as the spiritual and administrative centre for the Bahai faith. The shrine, also known as the Golden Dome, is one of Haifa's landmarks and is located in Mount Carmel.

The German Colony
The original buildings along Ben Gurion Avenue were built by German Protestants and was established in 1869 and showcases the impact they made to Haifa.

Haifa Educational Zoo
Features over 100 different types of animals which can be viewed at a distance. A petting zoo for children allows them to get close to deer, rabbits and goats.

With half a dozen beaches to choose from, Haifa offers plenty of choice to those who want to relax under the sun, go for a swim or do some surfi ng. Among the populr beaches are Bat Galim, Hof Hashaket and Carmel.

Castra Cultural Centre
A centre that aims to combine arts, entertainment and shopping. Also features two museums, one of which features antiquities from the old city of Castra, and the other is a puppet theatre tell the history of the Jewish people.

Fans of extreme sports can get their adrenalin rush here as the facility aims to be Israel's premier desitnation for climbing, skating, rope bridge, paintball and other extreme leisure activities.

Elijah's Cave
The cave where the prophet is said to have prayed. studied and taught.

Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery
Spectacular 19th-century monastery and church on Mount Carmel. Across the street from this is a cable-car ride that provides a great view of the area as it goes up and down the mountain.

Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum
Tells the story of bringing Jews to Israel between 1934 and 1948 during the British Mandate and the struggle involved. The Museum also details the history of the Israeli Navy.

National Maritime Museum
Dedicated to telling the history of sailing and the connection between the sea and Israel from ancient times to the present day.

Sculptures Garden
Features 22 bronze sculptures mainly women and children and was created and given to Haifa by the sculptor Ursula Malbin who fled Berlin in 1939. As well as the art, the Garden offers great views of Haifa.

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