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Sachs demands apology

by: Jewtasticcom - Last updated: 2008-10-28

Andrew Sachs angry over Russell brand and Jonathan Ross prank on him

Andrew Sachs angry over Russell brand and Jonathan Ross prank on him

Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs has expressed his fury at comedian Russell Brand for playing an "offensive" prank on the star.

Brand was joined on his BBC Radio 2 programme by British chatshow host Jonathan Ross on 18 October, when the funnyman bragged about sleeping with Sachs' granddaughter.

The pair then left a series of crude voicemail messages on Sachs' phone, suggesting Brand had bedded 23-year-old Georgina on a sofa and a garden swing.

Berlin-born Sachs who fled Nazi Germany as a child, is seething at the false claims, and has called on the disgraced pair to formally apologise to his exotic dancer granddaughter.

He said: "People ask me if I'm angry - well, yes. But not half as angry as Georgina. That's where the apology should be directed."

Brand gave a half-hearted apology to Sachs during his weekend radio show, before confessing the stunt was "quite funny".

But BBC executives have now bowed to public pressure and issued a formal apology to the star for the presenters' actions.

In the statement, BBC bosses say they "would like to sincerely apologise to Mr Sachs for the offence caused".

A spokeswoman added: "We recognise that some of the content broadcast was unacceptable and offensive. We are now reviewing how this came about and are responding to Mr Sachs personally."

Ross is still refusing to comment on the stunt.